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I am Sierra Fulton,

and this has been my experience working with
Avery at Restricted Inventory:
01  I can find inventory freely without worrying if it's restricted or not.
02  I am able to be more efficient with my workflow
03  I am able to make money on inventory I couldn't before.

Sher Alloway

Just used your Restricted Inventory site to get Stranded books on their way to you... One of the easiest things I've done so far...

How does restricted
inventory work?

Many sellers do not know what to do with restricted inventory on Amazon.

We have ungated accounts that we list your popular textbooks on. Once the item sells, we pay you 50% of net profits while guaranteeing that our share never exceeds $20.

All we need is for you to pack your items tightly in a box and ship them to us (fill out the "send inventory" form to complete this process)

Make Money On Restricted Items Now!

We will sell your restricted Amazon items for you on a 50:50 split of net profits, never making our cut higher than $20. All you have to do is send the items to us and we'll take care of the rest!

Why not just sell your books for cash? Why wait to get paid?

Pete made 65.75% MORE PROFIT than the highest paying vendor with…

At we always get the question, why not just sell restricted textbooks for cash to vendors? Why would they wait an extra month or two to get paid by us?

So we did some research comparing what we paid our users versus the competition… and this is what we found.

* all numbers were ran for vendors during January textbook season to ensure their buy back prices were at their highest.

* our payout number is what Pete was paid after all Amazon fees (factoring in returns as well).


Pete (name changed for privacy) made an extra $6,231.02 sending his textbooks to

Pete made an additional $7,599.75 selling his books with us. only paid him $1,437.25.


Valore paid the most for Pete’s books, but even the top paying vendor only offered him $5,452.29 during peak textbook season. paid Pete a total of $9037.72 for the books he sent.

Not only can you make more profit with, you can save time. Our service is easier than Amazon FBA. All you need to do is scan your items through our website or mobile app, pack ALL your items in a box (or pallet), and ship them out!

Click here to sign up for a free account today!

We send updated inventory
reports at your request!

These reports include the following:

Commission reports (seen to in picture)
Items Listed Report
Sold Items report

"Hey Romer,
I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how much I appreciate In 2019 I received a violation for selling a restricted textbook. Although I wasn’t suspended, I was looking for other ways to monetize these textbooks. I also had a ton of high dollar DVD but was not interested in selling DVDs on Amazon. I follow you on Instagram and saw that you had a good work ethic and that your mentors include some of the same top resellers that I follow. Everything has been going good, and I appreciate that you are constantly improving your business model. I reached out to you a few times, and you have contacted me back quickly with no issues. I am happy that now I can pick up inventory without the worry of suspension. Thanks for helping me make more money!"
- Paul

“ is a no brainer.“
Bobby Finn
IG @itsbobbyfinn

"Restrictedinventory has helped provide my business with extra sales revenue. They have made it easier for me to source potential items that otherwise I would have ignored because of restrictions. I don’t have to ignore any potential money on the table because of the service that Restrictedinventory Has provided to my amazon business. Thanks Romer and his team, I appreciate all that you have done to grow my business with my restricted inventory."
- Michael Kaddis
IG @mikemmk1990

Question and Answers

Do you accept media items, CDs and DVDs?
No, we are no longer accepting CDs and DVDs just textbooks.
When will I be paid and how?
Payment for your sales occurs on the 20th of each month, reflecting the sales from 2 months prior. We do this to ensure the return window is 100% passed. Again, please anticipate at least a 2-month period minimum before receiving your initial payment. Our service prioritizes maximizing your profits for restricted textbooks over quick earnings, akin to selling directly on Amazon, where time is a factor in generating revenue.

Original Content with Updated Payment Date and Additional Sales Information
What kind of inventory do we sell?
We sell popular textbooks. When we sell restricted items on consignment, there is a 50-50 split on net profits while guaranteeing that our share never exceeds $20. We pay the 20th of each month for items that have sold. Our clients pay for shipping to us, and we cover prep costs.
How is the profit calculated on the website? Does it include the 50% cut?
The profit number you see on the website is after the 50:50 split. You are seeing your 50% cut after shipping fees to us and Amazon.
When will I be paid and how?
Payment for your sales occurs on the 20th of each month, reflecting the previous month’s transactions. Please anticipate at least a 2-month period before receiving your initial payment. Our service prioritizes maximizing your profits for restricted textbooks over quick earnings, akin to selling directly on Amazon, where time is a factor in generating revenue.
When were the sold items updated?
Sales data is updated biweekly.
What does 50% profit with a $20 limit commission charge mean?
We share the net profit on a 50:50 basis while guaranteeing that our share never exceeds $20. For instance, if you sell a $100 profitable item, you keep $80, and we take $20. Should it be a $200 gain, you retain $180, and our share remains at $20.
Do you reimburse for lost items?
Restricted Inventory will never reimburse for lost items unless the carrier or Amazon reimburses us first. In the event we receive reimbursement, we will treat it as a sale and split profits 50:50 while guaranteeing that our share never exceeds $20.
Are my restricted items guaranteed to sell?
No. Items cannot be guaranteed to sell, but we tell our users to expect 80% of their items to sell as this is the industry norm for booksellers.
Do you check for counterfeit textbooks?
We have a stringent system for checking for counterfeit books. If we find a counterfeit book, it will not be returned to the owner.
Do you have a dock?
Yes, we have a dock to receive pallets.
How many pallets can you accept?
We will accept as many pallets as you can send. Just be sure every single item in the pallet has been scanned into our website before sending to us.
Do you merchant fulfill or send the items FBA?
Depending on our capacity limits, we will adjust what we send FBA versus merchant fulfilled. When our capacity limits are low, we may list 100% of our inventory merchant fulfilled. If Amazon grants us space, we will send the most profitable items FBA first. Additionally, some of our sales may occur off Amazon to third-party vendors if it makes sense to us, depending on our inventory levels and the quantity of a certain item.